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Georgeanne Aist

Georgeanne Aist

Financial Planner

(410) 703-6263

For over 25 years I have enjoyed long term relationships with my clients (many of whom are like family), gotten to know who is most important to them, and helped them reach their goals- thus helping them to enjoy some fun spending with what they worked so hard to accumulate.

I love creating flexible financial plans that can address each person's challenges, and help to relieve your stress by giving you simple, step by step, actions to follow and never leaves you alone, but instead, helps you every step of the way.

I have helped many business owners and executives address their unique challenges like unwinding stock options, or business continuation/ exit strategies, that require delicate handling to help minimize taxation on those proceeds. 

Recognizing that almost everyone encounters unexpected challenges along the way, I strive to be proactive and quickly and efficiently address those situations to help normalize your life as quickly as possible. I want to keep you on track toward a meaningful and purpose-driven financial future.

If you are curious and want to chat about you current challenges and how to possibly resolve them, I'd enjoy spending 15 minutes getting to know you. Reach out today!